Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Why Out of Nature? My reasons for staging the show

Jenny Watt, November 2016

Out of Nature was created in 2013 to celebrate our link with nature.

We live in a society where nature is something we feel the need to control; so we don't get hurt; so we can extract from it what we want. By doing so we not only risk destroying what we need to survive, but we also miss what enables us to live meaningful, enriched lives.

I was recently inspired by Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project, who talked about how our Milky Way is one of millions of galaxies (as documented further every day by www.galaxyzoo.org), the complexity and diversity of which can also be found in small scale elements such as DNA, or in the trillions of microbes that we are discovering not only live on us, but make us who we are.

Through Out of Nature we argue that nature provides an environment for us to thrive; we need only to listen to it and surrender to its laws and rhythms to flourish. By ignoring this link we run the risk of divorcing ourselves from who we are.

The show aims to talk to the visitor at a sensory level about something essential that our modern society often forgets.

Out of Nature also raises awareness about The Cart Shed, a charity based in North Herefordshire, of which I am a Trustee. Created in 2011, it is an organisation that uses the natural environment to improve individuals' health and aspirations through coppicing, green wood craft and horticulture. With a focus on improving mental health and resilience we have created a therapeutic environment in the woods here at Newport House and also at Devereux Wootton. For more about The Cart Shed go to www.thecartshed.co.uk.

No matter how severe or benign the condition: from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder; from anxiety or stress to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, The Cart Shed offers time out to process painful or challenging emotions in an environment ‘without walls’.

All profits from the 20% commission on pieces sold, ticket and food sales are donated to The Cart Shed.

The show is organised by myself together with artist and curator Brontë Woodruff.