Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Artists in Residence

Out of Nature encourages hands-on connection with sculpture, and Artists Residencies at Newport House during the show enable visitors to see sculptors at work, ask questions and even have a go themselves.


A few artists will be creating pieces during the 2017 show, and will be happy to talk with you about their work.

Jon Edgar will be artist in residence from Saturday 30 September to Sunday 8 October, making a piece inspired by The Cart Shed and how its activities and its mode of healing inspire him.

Kate Raggett will be creating a land art drawing in the orchard with apples on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October, which will remain in place to be seen for the rest of the show.

Julia Hilton will be artist in residence for most of the show. She will be working with clay and imprints of plants collected at Newport House. She will also be running several short workshops in which members of the public can make their own clay butter dishes and bowls using plant imprints.

Tim Rawlins is running a six-day bronze-making workshop over the first three weekends of the show, and will do his own work on site in between.

Rolf Hook will be on site carving in wood for most of the show's duration.

Green wood makers Mike Abbott and Gudrun Leitz will be demonstrating on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, as part of a weekend celebration of green wood.