Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Richard Harris's creations in wood

Posted on November 21, 2017

In his work, Richard Harris aims "to be sensitive to the needs of the place and the people that use it. The sculpture does not solely work as a visual image, but is there for people to experience, unfolding as they come into contact with it, creating a space that is symbiotic with its surroundings, yet 'beyond' a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. We all see the world in our own way. We each carry our own reality around with us – this interacts and connects with the personal realities of others."

His two pieces at Out Of Nature 2017 – 'Birch' and 'Bonfire' – embodied this aim. Visitors enjoyed the sculptures both from within and without; and at night-time the pieces looked even more magical. 'Birch' was magically lit up from the inside; and 'Bonfire' was finally burnt at the closing party, warming the celebrators as they danced. 

Below: Richard Harris with his Birch sculpture

Richard Harris with Birch


Below: Close up of the joints used to create 'Birch'. Photo credit: Catherine Campbell.

Richard Harris' Birch - joints

Richard Harris hollowing out the middle of 'Bonfire'

Richard Harris with Bonfire

'Birch' lit up spectacularly from the inside at night

Richard Harris' Birch lit up at night