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Halima Cassell: Things of Beauty Growing

Posted on September 19, 2017

Artist Halima Cassell is showing at the Yale Centre for British Art in New York before she comes to Out of Nature in October

Halima Cassell coming to Out of Nature 2017

Artist Halima Cassell (showing this year at Out Of Nature) is in New York at the moment, visiting the Yale Centre for British Art where she is showing in the exhibition ‘Things of Beauty Growing’, which tells the story of English pottery from the early 20th century to the present: https://britishart.yale.edu/exhibitions/things-beauty-growing-british-studio-pottery.

She is showing clay vessels, all with different geometric patterns. The clay comes from many different places and in many different colours (its natural colours). The black clay for the vessels she is working on here in her studio in Shropshire comes from Germany. She builds on her clay vessels collection every time it is shown in a different venue – it has been to London, Newcastle, Cambridge. She was busy making five new vessels for this American show when we visited her in August. In her eyes they are a metaphor for humanity: we may be all different colours, but we are all made from the same material.