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Pour It! Weld It! with Caro Burberry: an update

Posted on August 9, 2017

A triumphant end to Caro's US residency

Dear Friends

I’m late. I’m crushed, grubby, happy and fulfilled. What wonderful people to work with – we installed my big sculpture this week (still to be named) – 1423lbs of Cast Iron. Here are some photos.

Final update when I reach New York in a few days. And have a proper mattress to sleep on. And constant water supply. I will strangely miss my tent and certainly the wonderful Masse family, crew and artists who have helped me realise this sculpture project. I am proud to be part of their 'family'.

Big hugs from Sculpture Trails, Solsberry, Indiana.


Preparing the cement base

Preparing the base

Waiting for the cement to dry!

Waiting for the base to dry out

Winching up the sculpture

Winching the sculpture

Hoisting the sculpture onto the base

Hoisting the sculpture onto the base

The finished piece...

The finished piece

...and the celebration!