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Brainstorming around jacket potatoes

Posted on August 9, 2017

How to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Big Storm of 1987

A few anniversaries are coming up in the world of tree lovers and green wood. The bicentenary of Henry David Thoreau, the 800th anniversary of the Charter of Trees, the bicentenary of Herefordshire chair maker Philip Clissett (did you not know about him?!), and finally the 30th anniversary of the Big Storm of 1987, which pulled many trees down, and triggered a revival of green wood craft.

On 14 and 15 October, you can expect a lot of tree lovers/green wood craftspeople to be at Out Of Nature, demonstrating and talking about the value of our woods and how best to manage them.

Wind of Change at Out of NatureGreen wood work stars Mike Abbott and Gudrun Leitz, together with Out Of Nature organiser Brontë Woodruff and tree photographer Archie Miles, met to discuss the exciting programme of events. Another few jacket potato dinners and there should be some event details on the website!

The result of this jacket potato meeting is https://goingwiththegrain.org/the-wind-of-change/.

Photo (top) – from left to right: Gudrun Leitz, Brontë Woodruff, Archie Miles (Mike Abbott is behind the camera).