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Pour It! Weld It! with Caro Burberry

Posted on July 24, 2017

One of our Out of Nature 2017 artists is on residency in the USA this summer

Out of Nature 2017 exhibitor Caro Burberry is over in the US for a summer residency. She reports on Week 7 of an exacting schedule.

Caro Burberry US residency

“It's been a week of full-on work at the foundry for all artists making carvings and models, moulding them and pouring in iron, then metalworking to cut off spruces that feed the metal into the mould and bleed gases from them to ensure best possible casts. Artists have interns allotted to them – Eve, Victoria, Devon and Paul so far for me – depending on what work we have on the go and need extra skilled hands for...

So here’s a round up of the week’s activity from my workbench. Photos: Ariana (who carries the meanest knife I’ve ever seen) on the pour line levelling out moulds and glueing on pour cups with core paste, a fire proof glue; one of my castings with its spruce system still attached; and a pink styrofoam carving waiting for its spruces to be attached before sand moulding.

I don’t want to hear a single complaint about a heatwave in the UK – today was 100 degrees and we still pour metal! Anything for the art! Onwards and upwards...”

Caro Burberry work in progress Caro Burberry styrofoam carving