Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

The Gardeners at Newport House

Posted on October 15, 2015

Giving credit where credit is due: Out Of Nature wouldn't exist without a wonderful team of gardeners, who make the gardens what they are, and have graciously taken on the role of park attendants and waiters for the duration of the show.

Murray (the best read and most distinguished mower driver and mechanic in the whole world), Ciprian (who we've been lucky to have for 3 years), Mike (woodsman and expert in bushcraft and all things wood related), Kevin (always willing to help, can also find good 2nd hand cars), Lyn (in charge of the walled garden and at her most enthusiastic when talking about bugs or plants), Mark (loves music and music production, but also enjoys being outdoors), Maggie (discreetly makes sure the boarders look stunning, together with Darren), Dave (head gardener, quietly and reliably keeps everything together) and of course Darren in the front row (Darren multi tasks: he has a flair for placing sculptures and loves greeting people).

Particular thanks to Dave, Maggie, Murray, Kevin, Darren and Mike who have given their time on week-ends, all for the benefit of The Cart Shed.