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Busy in Knucklas: Lottie O??Leary

Posted on March 30, 2015

Stone carver Lottie O'Leary.

Lottie takes a break
from stone carving 

Busy in Knucklas: Lottie O’Leary

I was lucky to see Lottie O’Leary last Wednesday. She’s a busy woman this year. She’s preparing for a solo show of medieval style stone carvings at Aardvark books in two weeks, a “Made in Knucklas” show at the Courtyard in May, as well as supervising the GCSE and A level preparations of two of her children, and working on the usual bread and butter stone carving work with her husband Will.


All that on top of working on the tomb stone of her great great great grandfather, General William Ponsonby, who died at Waterloo and who has a memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral, but no tomb stone on his own tomb - not yet!  It will be installed this year on the 250th anniversary of Waterloo. Oh, and also selling vegetables for Rhos Market Garden in Presteigne on Friday mornings, and being an active member of the Knucklas Castle  Community Land Project and various other local events.


She made me feel as if Knucklas was the most happening place on earth, between regular folk music sessions at The Castle, attended by musicians who come from all over the borders on the “Heart of Wales” train, Apple Day, etc…


So I feel rather fortunate that she is prepared to contribute a new piece for “Out of Nature” in October, made especially for the show, with possibly some of Will’s lettering.  Maybe some sandstone vegetation to be fixed on the walled garden brick wall… can’t wait to see it!